With over 600 integration points, capability to handle big and small data Caerusone provides great integration platform. Integrate with native libraries / java / messaging / file etc. Design and deploy on web.

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Caerusone is integrated with "R" / apache commons/ colt / java / C / C++. So you can run analytics as you like them.We have also embedded a small grid and a server so you can fully levarage parallel processing. With integraitons with cassandra / mangodb / hadoop platforms.

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We have integrated with d3, dojo charts, threejs, google charts etc to provide you the best possible visualization. The list goes on and we will keep adding more charts. We support contour, grid, treemap, chordial, simple charts, parallel lines, varnoni etc right out of the box.

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Meet the core

Caerusone is our integration platform with inbuilt support for analytics and visualization. Caerusone is not just another tool but it is a meta tool that enbles large scale design, processing, analysis and presentation of data.